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The cover of Navathem's End

Navathem’s End

Wear your Hubris on your sleeve. As the Apocalypse draws near, defiance shall be our song.


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What is Navathem’s End?

In Navathem’s End, you get to play as agents of a Tower trying to save the world against an Apocalypse that broke the world 800 years ago. Fusing elements from OSR systems, Powered By The Apocalypse and Forged in the Dark, Navathem’s End seeks to create dynamic, dramatic, and defiant adventures for your table to play through.

Investigate strange anomalies, seek out apocalyptic cryptid sightings, and prevent widespread panic. Ready for the world’s end, agent?

A mock-up of the book, cover by Borg Sinaban

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“I think Navathem’s End is a great way to get 5e players onboard with new games without launching them headfirst into something as chunky as Blades in the Dark while maintaining a substantial number of classes and playstyles. New players will be eased into PBTA (Powered by the Apocalypse) and FITD (Forged in the Dark) mechanics… while inhabiting a beautifully fleshed-out world.”

– Aaron Voight, indie tabletop rpg designer and podcaster

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“…I read and internalized all of Navathem’s End. From its themes to its execution, there is nary a flaw.”

HTTPaladin, in praise of Navathem’s End

7 Core Playbooks,
5 Chaos Magic Playbooks

Choose one out of the Seven (7) unique core playbooks to start your life as Agent of the Tower, with options for multiclassing upon advancement. Gain power over reality when you dip your toes into the 5 Chaos Mage playbooks.

A map of one of the continents of Navathem, featuring the Continent of the Five.
A map of one of the continents of Navathem, as illustrated by Floofi

Praise for Navathem’s End

Build long, flourishing campaigns

Navathem’s End is built for long-term play and is designed specifically for extended campaigns. Our playtest campaign has been running since April 2020 and we still play today! Enjoy this sprawling open world with endless plot hooks and possibilities.

Media Coverage for Navathem’s End

Plus One EXP tries out Navathem’s End, ends up fighting one– maybe two(??) Colossus?? Play the video to find out!

The Renaissance Gamer interviews Sin Posadas and Pam Punzalan on the journey it took to develop and write Navathem’s End.

An excerpt:

BrentAre there design elements of Navathem’s End either of you are particularly proud of? Is there anything you hope other designers can learn or take away from your design?

Meet the Team

Pam Punzalan is a queer designer from the Philippines. Beyond designing with the mind to explore shades of intimacy and violence, she also does editing and consultancy work, and is highly interested in pushing #RPGSEA as far as it can go.

Sinta Posadas is a non binary designer from the Philippines with their sights set on making games that embody themes of defiance, home and the community, and intimacy.

Borg Sinaban
Borg is a Filipino freelance comic artist and illustrator—a scifantasy enjoyer and a lover of both soft and hard magic systems. You can follow his work over at @borgdraws or contact him through borgdraws@gmail.com.

Valis Teoh is a queer Malaysian freelance artist and game designer who loves colors and all things TTRPG! They are always dreaming of worlds that are mundane and fantastical.

Local goblin and traditional artist, who likes to draw mushrooms, monsters and strange stuff. I’m just sitting in my cave creating funny fantasy worlds.

A game design student with a passion for anything fiction, loves creating experiences, and an artist who can’t decide what to specialize in.

Sweetcyanid3 is a freelance artist and game designer, who enjoys coffee and kpop

Freelance artist, TRPG lurker, rat wrangler. Follow their work at @turtlemaniaaa.

Kyrah Sy “artsykyrah” is a Filipino-Chinese background artist and interior design student from the Philippines. Through her art, she hopes to create a piece of home for everyone.

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