What is Navathem’s End?

In Navathem’s End, you get to play as agents of a Tower trying to save the world against an Apocalypse that broke the world 800 years ago. It is your job to investigate strange anomalies, seek out apocalyptic cryptid sightings, and prevent widespread panic. Ready for the world’s end, agent?

How does it work?

Navathem’s End uses a kitbash system, mixing together elements from Powered By the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark, and OSR. It uses the common playbook system, where each playbook represents an archetype of agent – what they can do, what they specialize in, what their team roles are. Based on these, they have a spread of agent abilities that they can use whenever they perform a move from our spread of movesets.

Like most PBTA games, Navathem uses movesets that are represented by attributes and rolled using d6s. We’ve adapted the PBTA model to create three key attributes that agents can specialize in: Blood, Crown and Will. Their individual scores for each attribute determine how well they can perform certain moves, dice permitting.

Taking inspiration from FiTD, Navathem’s End also implements phases of play: the Prep, Investigation, Missions & The Fallout. Move through the world, acquire assets and information for the mission, and deal with the consequences that come uniquely with agent life.

We’ve also crafted a custom adversary creation mechanic, a narrative combat system, a Threads of consequence system, and a plethora of special backgrounds that

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